Unclear on the Concept: Enterprise Security

So, the security organization says, “We need you to give us your root passwords so we scan your systems to see if they’re vulnerable to root exploits.”

“Just so I understand: you want the root passwords, so you can log in as root, to see if you can find exploits that would allow you to log in as root without a password.”


“If your goal is to get root without a password, then, by all means, start your attack. But I can’t give you the root password.“

“You’re not a team player and you’re not cooperating with our efforts! We’re going to HR!”

“Here, let me get you their phone number…”

25 years in the industry and, so far, not one detected security incident.

RVs and Wind

On the highway, it’s one thing.

But when you’re living in a 42-foot long, 13-foot high, 14,000 pound house on wheels that’s parked broadside to a 40mph wind, it’s something else altogether.

The good news is that while traveling, these things are under constant gale and quake conditions.

Be careful opening your doors though!

Q&A: Inside the World’s Largest Indoor Farm | Nat Geo Food

If I had the space, I’d feed the world.

Hmm… I wonder if this could be done on a small-scale. Say, a FarmPod… PodFarm? Real containerized farming!

Envision a self-contained farm in a 40-foot shipping container. You know, a bit like how Google was doing with their compute assets?

At 1/100th the size, it wouldn’t be strictly 1/100th the output – but each one could be constructed with a simple dehumidification, filtration, circulation, lighting, heating, cooling and so forth.

What if?

And what if, to expand output, we just add pods?

Q&A: Inside the World’s Largest Indoor Farm | Nat Geo Food