Today’s Plans

Well, I was planning on moving the Wee-Star from her storage garage to her new home today.

So, a quick check of the weather…


That’s -10C.


Some years ago I decided that 14F was my absolute limit if there were no heated vest & gloves. Never, ever any colder. Ever.

So, I suppose I could still run over and drain the stale fuel and maybe do a full safety inspection & check for any repairs. But she’s otherwise going to stay where she is until there’s a Saturday or Sunday with temperatures more realistic.

In related news, I picked up my Washington license yesterday. I was surprised that things were mostly rather efficient with the whole process.

Except when it came to endorsements.

Many years ago, I’d originally qualified and received my motorcycle endorsement in Colorado – back when it covered all two- and three-wheeled vehicles. Motorcycles, trikes, sidecars, Reliant Robins – everything. Colorado just called it a M-license.

When I changed to South Dakota, they, too, just called it an M-license. If it had two or three wheels, M covered it.

Yesterday, when getting my Washington license, they said there was a separate three-wheel endorsement I’d have to test for.

Uh, no – I’m already qualified for it. Took the tests years ago, thanks.

“But your SD license doesn’t say that. It just says Motorcycle.”

Yes, it does say that I have three-wheel – because the SD state law states that an M-endorsement qualifies for two and three-wheeled vehicles.

Anyhow, after a few phone calls to state capitols, they eventually agreed and issued the right endorsements.

Tip: if you’re moving to Washington and are coming from a state that just says “A motorcycle is any two or three-wheeled motor vehicle…” and that only issues a single endorsement – do not let Washington just give you what they call a Type-3 license. They need to make it right and issue a their Type-7.

The Paradox of Choice Strikes Again

My 16 year old computer speakers were recently retired – unfortunate casualties of excited dogs playing in my office – and now I find myself in need of a new set of speakers.

So, I pop over to Amazon and start sifting through computer speakers > wired > with subwoofer… I don’t need anything that will shake walls, but I do like realistic audio quality with my music while I work; and headphones aren’t always an option.

But there are so many choices that I can’t choose and now I’m just annoyed with the prospect of having to dig through everything.

Also, honestly, I don’t care what the speakers look like. I care what they sound like. Yet there’s no way to actually hear them before I buy them.