Winter, Part 2

I had complained about Winter several weeks ago and, with warmer weather — nearly 55F — just last week, I was thinking that springtime was near.

Even spent a bit of time this weekend prepping my motorcycle for the return to spring-ish weather.


Mother Nature decided that she had other plans.

Woke up today to 5F.

The high temperature will be a blustery 20F today.

The Wee-Star shall remain parked in the barn.

Throttle, Brake, Turn, Throttle, Brake, Turn…

Pissed posts this. It’s a speed run up Mt. Washington. I’ll admit, that’s impressive. I wouldn’t do it.

Here in Colorado, while we have lots of mountains and we have the highest paved road in North America: Mt. Evans. I run up that one a few times per year. Except we can’t race on it.

We can, however, race up Pikes Peak, which is just a few hours South of Mt. Evans — the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb.

So, here are a few runs up that bad boy:

The time record up the hill:

Here’s one on an electric motorcycle — just not the same without the rumble of a gas engine:

Motorized Interlude

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a two-wheel fan. I’ve ridden several different kinds of bikes and even test-ridden a few atypical designs (trikes, sidecars). I like ’em all. I even have an appreciation for scooters.

This, however, I’m not really sure how to interpret. It looks like a respectable adult sport-touring motorcycle, but it’s a scooter. Can’t decide what to think about it. 65mpg and 52hp. A good mid-range commuter? A longer-range tourer?
2012 Honda Integra
Maybe I should track one down if it comes to The States and give it a go.
Still lusting after the Kawasaki Voyager though… hard to beat a big V-Twin for cruising highways and byways.