Craftsman is Confused

I’m searching for a new table saw – under $600 (seems a good budget) for something that will work reasonably well for my needs and that will fit nicely in my 19′4″ x 31′6″ workshop.

Somebody suggested that Craftsman has one comparable to the Ridgid R4512 ($549) I’ve been looking at – so I pop over and have a look: > Products > Power Tools > Bench Power Tools > scroll down to table saws and on the way I spot this…


That’s a bit out of place. Not only are those not bench power tools, they certainly aren’t sanders either.

You know, I’m not entirely sure Craftsman’s quality is quite what it was years ago.

The specific saw, by the way, that I believe was compared to the R4512 is the Craftsman 21833. But at $649 and with no delivery nor pickup available within 50 miles, one wonders what the eventual price would be.

Maybe Porter Cable or Delta has something comparable…

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