No Kidding?

From here:

…concludes that the U.S.-based but Kremlin-financed media outlet RT (formerly Russia Today) is little more than a propaganda machine controlled by Russian intelligence agencies.

No shit?

Have you ever heard of the entirely State-side CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, Fox, and other subsidiary media outlets and how they, too, are nothing but propaganda machines controlled by U.S. intel agencies?

No difference at all.

Checks – The Cost of Inflation

I don’t write many checks. In fact, I’d wager that an overwhelming portion of Americans don’t either.

But I still have to write checks occasionally, so I keep some on hand.

Also, having just relocated, I thought it prudent to order new checks with the new address.

A couple of things struck me:

– Did you know that you could order checks in smaller numbers now? They used to be in boxes of 400. Now, the default is 100. Same great price per 100 as the old price per 400, by the way.

– When ordering checks, they have loads of scary language about using their preferred, trackable shipping methods. Yes, it’s expensive. Very. In fact, it’s so expensive and so scary that you practically must use it because, the way they put it, the post/parcel delivery service is going to spot your checks and steal them along with your identity, so isn’t it after all worth the extra $52 for trackable shipping costs?

So, just like the Inflation Diet – with new, smaller portions at the same great prices – you also have the wonderful peace of mind that your financial institution will help exploit your very real fears of identity theft.