The injuries don’t look very bad from out here…

The timeline. Day 0 (top three), at the local ER (at Samaritan) with dad & Daisy watching over, while the local Drs., EMTs, and Air Life wrapping me up for transport.

Honestly, the injuries don’t look bad at all—but I assure you the part you don’t see is internal.

I’ve no memory of the fall and contact and none of the following two weeks.

**Looking at the first photos, and the injury to my shoulder, I’d assume I took the the mass of the rest of my body from 12ft high onto concrete.**

Then three of the following several days at Sacred Heart (Spokane) where I remained pretty much unchanged and in ICU I’m told.

Sacred Heart hospital for ICU until I was where I remained for a week or so until I was off of life support — and out of the woods (and without a map). Though, I admit, after seeing some of the later footage, I’ve no memory of it and even less confidence in my state of conciseness.