…but what do you DO?

While I’ve spent pretty much the entirety of the last five or six months recovering and coping with my severe TBI, I sometimes have questions from people, “…but what do you do for a living?”

[I was a Principal Operations Engineer for Pearson. We were pioneering a legacy integration with an established containerization concept with modern/updated technologies like Linux, Docker, Kubernetes, and AWS. There are others of course. And I’d love to talk about the visions we’d had for the future of learning.

In fact, there’s also a Kubernetes case study outlining the figures of how we’ve integrated the Kubernetes orchestration concepts. Give it a read over if you’re curious about where we were.

While I was a principal engineer and lead site reliability engineer, I’m now an architect overseeing the same project sharing the responsibility with Ben, trying to bring our visions into clearer focus for ourselves, our team, Pearson, and the world.] [why the redaction, 2022-06-18]