Oh, Amazon… you so funny…

I use Amazon for everything.

Seriously, everything.

Well, except for certain food-stuffs.

So, anyway, I’ve observed that Amazon is placing a greater dependence on USPS to help with the package deliver. When it was FedEx or UPS handling delivery, the tracking info was spot-on.

If we were to go out to retrieve a delivered parcel, and find it’s not there, it means one of a few things: It wasn’t delivered. Or, it was delivered but snatched by porch-pirates. Or it was misdelivered.

But now with USPS is in the mix, the tracking info is, well, less than spot-on.

Now it says “Delivered” or perhaps “Your package was delivered and is ready for pick up” but neither of them mean that it was delivered at all. Now what it likely means is that the parcel was handed off to the USPS to handle the last-mile delivery to the consumer.

Delivered could well say, “Your order is somebody else’s problem now.”

So, we’ll return to the old-days of “we’ll get to it when we feel like it”. And don’t even think about the number of packages that will be eventually discovered in dumpsters or wastebins.

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