Coffee… Cup Needed

I’ve had this for several years. I made it maybe seven or eight years ago in Casper, WY, just because.

Fast-forward to today and it seemed the cats had grown tired of my mug.


Nine years ago, perhaps… back when my fur was mostly red:

I’ll need to see about either throwing a new one or just selecting and glazing a replacement.

Already said it once…gonna say it again: Cat-holes.

Do it manually!

…if you want things inconsistent.

Automation ensures repeatability.


If you have a manual process, that you want to do manually — because reasons — you may be able to do it somewhat identically 10 or 100 or even 10,000 times. But if that process changes (it will), or you get forgetful (you will), or you make a simple mistake (you will), or die (going to happen), then it’s most certainly not repeatable.

Also, a few words on “reasons” — they’re quite often just excuses and justifications for remaining static.


Upcoming Work

Ordered another kit from QRP Labs, but the 40m QCX Transceiver because I’ve already assembled the 20m QCX Transceiver… because I really couldn’t resist. So, that’s coming up.

I’ll also see about capturing more photos, maybe even some video of the prep and assembly process when it arrives.

…and, if someone could find a way to make it a bit more work maybe add some frustration and inconvenience to readily spending money online… that’d be great.