In Search Of…

Not long ago, the emergence of digital technologies was dominated not for the latest tech-gadget, but by an endless quest to find AA batteries.

Now, it seems we’re all in search of USB charging ports…

…or Qi wireless chargers.

…or two of them.

…or Apple Watch chargers.

So I cobbled this together out of some spare Red Oak:


I should’ve included a tape measure for scale, but it’s 10-1/2″ W x 5-1/2″ H x 7-1/2″ deep. Way over-built.

Fine woodworking is something that I haven’t the tools, time, nor motivation for. Yet.

It includes

I still need to find a suitable set of hinges for the lid and a latch to stop it unintentionally opening. I’ll also need to find some sort of carry handle/strap. The earlier ammo-box style used rope handles on either end, which I still might do.

Yep, I could have just thrown everything into a Sterilite container, but where’s the fun in that? It’s not bad for an quick throw-together charging station solution.

And, yes, Pine would’ve been lighter and easier to work with — and it would’ve gone rather nicely with the 1940s-era ammo-box style. But I didn’t have any readily available. So, Red Oak, it is. And also it’s nicer than both the plywood and much less wasteful than the Purpleheart and Lignum Vitae that I do have.