Room #4 Started…



The previous tenants didn’t have a firm grasp of cutting in or tape to prevent straying outside the lines…


We sprayed the ceiling — because it, too, needed it. And while we were it, we also prepped the gray wall with an extra coat of paint that we’ll cover with a different color to unify the room. Cutting in with brush-work and roller will be necessary for the walls.


I’m afraid I did get just a bit of paint on the woodwork and the carpet. But it’ll come right off with a bit of actually trying.


Oh, and the part coming off is the woodwork and carpet. We’ll be replacing those throughout the house. Just not worthwhile to mask off the parts that we were planning on disposing.

Good news, we also had a really good opportunity to install an actually-functional ceiling fan/light combo:



Many of us have our own Bucket Lists — things that we’ll accomplish before we die. Sometimes meaningful. Sometimes requiring skill to achieve. Sometimes outlandish.

But seeing as I never got round to adding Everest to my personal Bucket List, I’m quite happy not changing that now.

Far too crowded.

Also far too easy to, dare I say, buy a trip to the top.

In fact, anyone who exclaims that they summited Mt. Everest is either full of shit, or full of ego. But I repeat myself.

I suppose it would be quite impressive to see someone summit Everest unaided. No sherpas. No oxygen bottles. No waiting in line for a selfie. Carrying their own stuff. You know… something like this:

Or this.