Key to the Kingdom…

…if the kingdom is actually the very narrow gateway of communication.

I ordered a 3d-printed iambic key from an Etsy vendor called The Cheap 3D Printer.

Had to take the cover off to adjust the contact points and return magnets. Also, this really depicts how straightforward and simple it would be to build a key. The magnets are arranged to oppose each other, providing the return force and the electrical contacts are nothing more than a few screws.

So, why pay somebody US$35 for this? Easy:

  • I don’t have a 3D printer
  • I don’t have the motivation to explore and experiment acquiring the parts to assemble one
  • Its creator already did all of the design and refinement work
  • Oh, and you can get one from a selection of colors — you have about 121 different colors to choose from

Also, the going rate for iambic keys is, frankly, obscene.

It’s more comfortable to use in my current state than the straight key that I had learned on previously. I’ve misplaced my own timing, so dots and dashes, currently, aren’t. The available alternative of using an iambic key is agreeable. Not perfect, of course — and the dexterity/timing problem is still around, but this does make CW more accessible.

It also helps to have a couple of 3M Command Strips under it to ensure I don’t slide it around the desk. In time, my sense of touch and dexterity will improve.