Imperial Targets

It was an “old-money” paper target — imperial, not metric.

By my estimation, the figures work out as:

  • 110 m away.
  • 7 cm low — in my defense, I hadn’t started adjusting the elevation yet.
  • A 1 cm “group” — although I’d still argue that firing three shots provides a more accurate distribution from which to average.
  • Century-old, bolt-action rifle — a .257 Roberts that will accompany me whilst I sit quietly awaiting a deer.
  • A 40 year-old 2.5x(!) scope — practically open-sights.

It’s an older rifleman, sir… but he still shoots fine.

Homie don’t need no $4,000, custom-made sniper rifle in some exotic chambering with a $2,500 sniper scope. There will be no Shelf Queens in my safe, thankyouverymuch.

Also, after The Year of Hell, I can still shoot.