Wrong Way / Right Way

Had to pick up a super-inexpensive hand-truck to move. Then I discovered shortly after using it for a few minutes, the axle pin on one side was gone and on the other side, well…

Here’s what we like to refer to, affectionately, as, “The wrong way”.

As assembled by the shopkeeper.

I imagine the clerk’s thoughts were something along the lines of, “Why would this pin have a kink right in the middle of it?! I’ll just straighten it out…”

The right way to use one:

As done properly by the buyer.

The Toolbox Fallacy

If you wait until x, you can’t do y.

Of if you only had x, then you can do y.

Don’t make excuses for not doing what you want to do. Do it.

The associated post is here. Go read it. Well, read it first. Then watch the video.

Somewhat related, not starting/buying/doing/going until a perfect th’need is available. There’s probably a Fallacy name for that.

It probably falls quite squarely within the Toolbox Fallacy.

In the end, if you make excuses to not do x until a better y is available, then you will always be waiting.

Just do.

Alerts == Interruption


I can see that somebody might set an alert for five or ten minutes before some planned event.

But 75 days, 23 hours, 9 minutes before?! And another only on the 12th of August of 2019?! How is that even plausible?


You know, let’s just delete every future version, then create a new one with no alerts.

Reviewing Some History

I’ve spent a bit of time over the past several days re-reading some of the earlier posts on esthermofet.com.

I’d noticed a few things.

  1. There was a distinct change from the TBI incident (nearly two years ago). Something’s changed. I’m not the same. I can’t precisely pin down what, exactly, is different. But things aren’t the same.
  2. In the earlier days, I was rather vocal about the concept of individual liberty. I still am. Very much so. I just don’t have the motivation to speak (okay, type) quite as concisely as I used to. Perhaps that was the time period that marked the height of my writing.
  3. Sometimes, YouTube clips that I’d linked to have been purged. Time passes. People delete things. Understandable, but…
  4. Any links to mainstream media types (articles, video, etc) are far more likely to have been purged. Far more likely.

Eh, it’s probably nothing.


*I don’t speak very often anymore. I used to jokingly and semi-seriously quip “I have a face for radio!” After about August, 2018, I very much have a voice well-suited to blogging.

**Also, of course, over time, I’d included a few posts from other assorted blogs that my wife and I had while we continued our shared journey with RV Life and Unlocating. We had fromtherv.com and shirleyyoujest.com (don’t go to either, they’re now controlled by squatters), but I captured and imported them here. At some point, I’ll see about tagging those posts so they can be more readily separated.