Speaking of Half-Life — well, of the Half-Life universe…

The motors on my 3D Printer sound like Turrets humming to themselves in Portal.

Maybe I should see about capturing the audio while it churns away on the 20-hour print.

I Should Invest…

…in more of these. I wonder if they’ll deliver by the case?

No snifter needed. Chill. Open. Continue to chill.

It’s a bit of a chore to polish off 24 ounces. But if I must, it’s a sacrifice that I’m willing to make.

Alas, nobody else here presently enjoys a stout. I guess that really just means that I haven’t found the one that she enjoys yet.


I can’t help but wonder, just how long might it take? Is there any sort of debug information available? Something indicating that it’s doing something apart from the little spinner?


I mean, at least it’s not the Spinning Beachball of Doom.

I’ve been waiting about two hours for it to do its thing. I wonder if I should simply halt the iCloud sync for my documents and let everything else complete for a day or two.