Optimistic Numbers?

Starting to think that the state has some optimistically-low weight measurements for 2-ton-class diesel trucks.

Yes, yes, that’s a “Scale Weight”, which is pretty much an “empty” weight.

…without a driver, 40-gallons of fuel. No batteries, engine oil, brake fluid, hydraulic fluids, and quite possibly without a spare tire. Nor jack. Or I’m guessing lug-nuts nor road tires.

The vehicle, in road-use condition, with all of that stuff and, minimally, a 160lb driver, it weighs in at 7,200 lb on the scale. So I’m trying to figure out if that scale weight is optimistically low, or if the highway scale is measuring heavy, or if somehow I managed to violate the laws of physics.

Or somewhere in between.

Then again, I learned, quite surprisingly, that as of January 1, the entirety of Washington State no longer requires any vehicles to undergo emissions test prior to licensing.