How to Throw an Election

Also: How do you really feel.


It sounded more like Ole’man Trump was throwing the next election.

Oh, I’m sorry, let me put it another way: How one handles an unexpected crisis speaks volumes of one’s own character. And clearly, he’s not up to the challenges before him.

This was an absolutely critical, legacy-defining moment.

Alexander’s simple, softball question “How would you respond to…”

Could have been a surprising and motivational response showing a bit of humility and compassion: “This is an extraordinarily difficult time that we’ve all found ourselves in — more difficult and complex than any crisis that any civilization throughout all of recorded history has ever seen before. I urge everyone — not only Americans, but everyone across all nations and cultures around the world — to remain calm, to not overreact, and to continue working as best you can, where you are, with what you have. With perseverance, determination, and cautious optimism, we’ll absolutely see this through…”


Instead level a belligerent, condescending, ad hominem attack truly underscores that he’s not in the long game.

Full disclosure: I voted for Trump. I’m not apt to make the same mistake again.

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