Continuation of the Heat Saga: The Reheating?

Well, after some careful examination, it’s become abundantly clear that the previous owner had indeed rewired the heat control circuitry in the furnace.

Could I set it right? I could, sure. Do I have all of the needed elements/parts to? No, I’d have to source, order, await delivery, etc.

How long would it take? A few months.

I simply haven’t the time we’d need.

I suppose that means rebuilding is out of the question. Which leaves us with obtaining a replacement. So, I’ll be shopping around as our limited time permits to source a replacement and we’ll install it.

I feel somewhat discouraged by the fact it’ll be new, installed, then removed or disposed in a year or two.

I wonder if I could make do over the winter with a reasonable supply of firewood for the wood stove and kerosene for the portable kerosene heaters.

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