Two Wheels and a Motor is Still a Motorcycle

I am rather fond of lower-displacement motorcycles. Yes, yes, larger bikes are wonderful… “you’ll want one eventually!”

I’ve ridden, currently own, and have owned bikes of various sizes over the years — all kinds: Yamaha V-Star, Kawasaki Ninja, Harley-Davidson Road King, Honda Gold Wing, even a few 50cc-class city scooters.

And, yet, I find smaller bikes somewhat intriguing. did a comparison of two of Honda’s lightweight auto/semi-auto bikes.

Strangely, these two offerings from Honda are rather high in my interest list. No, one wouldn’t ride them year-round here, but they can absolutely fill the needs for transportation six or nine months out of the year.

When the opportunity presents itself, I’m still quite happy with my V-Star… perhaps I’ll make some space in the stable for another when finances change.

One thought on “Two Wheels and a Motor is Still a Motorcycle

  1. Geoff (Fliteam)

    I love these simple little moped like and trail bikes. I have seriously been considering something this for a long time. I don’t have a stable to keep it in or else I would probably already own one myself. Definitely a worth wile investment for the simple days.

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