Tool Truck Vendors, Part II

I had posted previously about the second consideration for tool truck vendors — Mac Tools in this case. I need a set of 12-point, universal, SAE sockets for a Powerplant course I’ll be starting next term.

I had noticed that Mac Tools had updated their inventory* and indicated that they were taking orders for those sockets. So I ordered them.

I received an instant (automated) order confirmation.

Then nothing.

Days passed. The days turned into weeks. Heard nothing. No tracking number. No charge to my card. Nothing.

So I contacted Mac Tools and ensured that it was canceled so I could resume my search.

Then I returned to Genius Tools and noted that its site, too (at the time), definitely indicated it was in stock. Click. Purchase. Confirm. Multiple automatic emails (order confirmation and such). Charge to my card.

And it arrived in a few days.


*Mac Tools, when acknowledging the request to cancel the order, said, “SMU72TRA is still on back order…” Wait. What? You said it was out of stock, so I postponed. Then you said it was in stock. So I ordered. Now it’s out of stock? Hmmm… something fishy in their application of web technologies.

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