Winter, Part 2

I had complained about Winter several weeks ago and, with warmer weather — nearly 55F — just last week, I was thinking that springtime was near.

Even spent a bit of time this weekend prepping my motorcycle for the return to spring-ish weather.


Mother Nature decided that she had other plans.

Woke up today to 5F.

The high temperature will be a blustery 20F today.

The Wee-Star shall remain parked in the barn.

Taco Tuesday!

Today is Tuesday, the Second of February, 2022.

Tuesday, 22/2/2022 – or 2/22/2022 depending on where you’re from. Or is that 2/22/22? 22/2/22?

Eh, it’s a good reason to make this the ultimate Taco Tuesday. And if you’re not making it Taco Tuesday, then we can’t be friends.

…and then one day…

…and then one day, many years ago, I separated myself from everything representing hatred in the world.

I turned off my television. I turned off my radio. I stopped reading the news.

I turned away from toxicity. I abandoned even friendships with people I’d long considered friends. Those who weren’t willing or able to consider views other than those they’d been taught. I left behind the hatred they’d learned towards others who are different from their taught-normality.

And at that moment, when I’d found myself in emotional isolation from the world around me, I’d found peace.

Does This Page Use Cookies?

No, it doesn’t. I just needed a place to rant about the European Cookie law. I mean, come on, did the politicians even understand how Cookies work? I hope they feel ashamed of how they introduced Cookie-popups to every single website, just when we figured out how to block ad popups. So, no, there are no Cookies used here – I just wanted to write that text above. What do you say? The privacy policy is exactly the one text nobody ever reads, so this rant is absolutely misplaced? Well, YOU are reading it right now, aren’t you?