Winter, Part 2

I had complained about Winter several weeks ago and, with warmer weather — nearly 55F — just last week, I was thinking that springtime was near.

Even spent a bit of time this weekend prepping my motorcycle for the return to spring-ish weather.


Mother Nature decided that she had other plans.

Woke up today to 5F.

The high temperature will be a blustery 20F today.

The Wee-Star shall remain parked in the barn.

Taco Tuesday!

Today is Tuesday, the Second of February, 2022.

Tuesday, 22/2/2022 – or 2/22/2022 depending on where you’re from. Or is that 2/22/22? 22/2/22?

Eh, it’s a good reason to make this the ultimate Taco Tuesday. And if you’re not making it Taco Tuesday, then we can’t be friends.