High-Speed of the Past?

Ah, yes, we embrace high-speed online learning…

…as long as you’re okay with connection speeds only marginally better than a high-tech and cutting-edge DSL connection from 1994.

I need to fetch a 600MB Powerpoint presentation to review some notes on a (24MB) video that was embedded in it. But I’m at the mercy of the hosting provider’s CDN, which seems little more than an overloaded Raspberry Pi sponging off of its neighbor’s unsecured WiFi.

Yes, yes, clearly the creator misspelled “Propellers”, try not to judge. But the question is: how large is it? Not sure — I’ve been waiting for about 30 min or so. I’ll just sit and ponder the mysteries of the universe while I wait so I can extract one embedded element.

A carrier pigeon would be faster.

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