Exorcisms On Tap?

Having a look at the maintenance manual to order a repair part for a pressure washer. Stumbled across this gem in its troubleshooting section:

Problem: water stream starts and stops by itself. Possible cause: ghost in machine. Resolution: persuade the ghost to leave.

IKEA Furniture Sucks!

Somebody the other day was talking about Walmart/Target/flat-pack furniture and insisted that if you want “quality furniture” then you’ll have to buy from _______________ [fill-in some fine-furniture purveyor].

“Oh, I’ve bought their stuff before and it’s complete crap. Breaks. Falls apart. Gets destroyed before you’re done putting it together…”

Uh-huh… do you know why IKEA furniture falls apart?

It’s not because it’s made from cheap particle board.

You don’t want to hear the answer and you won’t like it.

Are you ready?

Are you sure you’re ready?


You are the reason everything that you assemble from IKEA falls apart. You do the assembly. In several ways, it’s higher quality material than is used in the construction of “builder-grade” cabinetry.