Words Mean Things

So I’m clicking through some certification documents and processes. One of them is a long preliminary explanation followed by a multiple choice exam. The topic is on Bend Radius for electrical wiring installations.

The first question was effectively: what is the definition of a bend radius?

A. The minimum angle…

B. The maximum angle…

C. The sharpest angle…

D. None of the above.

So, I click “D. None of the above.” Why? Because a radius (a distance from a point) isn’t an angle, duh.

But it’s marked wrong.


Edit: and then there’s the misuse and misapplication of commas.

Scam Is as Scam Does

I heard that the FTC put a stop to those asinine “car warranty” calls that we’ve been receiving regularly since 2018 or so. But it seems that there’s a new auto-dialed scam going on today and I’ve had two voicemails today that consist of a (1995-era) computer-voice:

Hello, this is Amazon. You have a charge of $499 but we have found some suspicious activities in your account while processing the payment so in order to cancel your order kindly press one to speak with Amazon fraud department thank you.

Did I answer it?

Of course not. Voicemail.

Is it Amazon? Nope. Reminder: a company’s fraud department isn’t going to call you to discuss anything about suspicious activities.

It’s a war-dialer — an auto-dialer. The source is masquerading from an Area Code that matches my phone, and that may, for some, look legit…but I haven’t lived in that area code for about eight years. With the exception of a few known-numbers of friends, any other call is most certainly a scam.

Also, it’s something of a fringe benefit of just keeping one phone number wherever I go. I can easily recognize a scammer.

Upslope of the Bell Curve?

I blame myself for having something that was visible that drew their attention. I mean, somebody obviously thought that the half-empty colorful box of Kleenex and the bright orange, worn, Kong work gloves were worth breaking in for. But, honestly, brute-forcing the door has just rendered it inoperative.

I mean, sure you could have just broken the window. That would’ve been faster for you and trivially simple for me to repair. I could deal with that.

This is the second time somebody has tried to break-in/steal UPGRAYEDD and has caused moderate damage in the process.

So, now to find a shop that can open the door and repair the damage.


I honestly thought that Sears, apart from the privately-owned ‘Hometown Stores’, across the country were shuttered years ago. I didn’t expect that there would be a Sears retail store in Southcenter.

And they’re hiring?! Thinking on this, it does seem to have a Sears Hometown Store appearance.

Holding Pattern

It seems my pursuit of A&P certificates is on hold temporarily–I’ll be in temporary training for Boeing for 30-60 days (?) followed by temporary assignment in Moses Lake for about a year.

I’ve already taken two of my three written exams–General and Airframe–and still need to take the Powerplant written. Fortunately, there’s a PSI test location in Moses so I can take that pending exam. That leaves taking the O&P for each, airframe and powerplant. There are two DMEs in Moses so I can see about taking Orals and Practicals for both airframe and powerplant as time allows.

I just hope that I can retain the knowledge long enough to do well on each O&P.