Oh, also…

Like a phoenix, rising from its own ashes, I’ve metaphorically crawled from my own ashes and am now proudly doing something that is completely unlike the previous two careers that I’ve had… ehem…

I’m an actual 737 aircraft mechanic.

With everything that I and my family have endured over the past five-ish years, I’m kinda proud of that.

No, I don’t have my A&P licenses yet.


They’re not at all required as a mechanic at an MRO. But that absolutely doesn’t mean I’m not going to get them. They’re just on hold with the timing of the whole offer/acceptance/start/onboarding with Boeing.

Words Mean Things, Part II

Another gem I’d encountered on one of the certification tests last night, contained several questions that were presented thusly:

Q) Is [some question], yes or no?
- True
- False

Clearly [some question] was an actual context-specific question.

I was, for a moment going to answer, in every case, True — because logical reasoning. Of course it’s “yes or no” provided some question was presented.

if [ <some test> ]

Or, because it’s “or”, we would use a boolean OR statement (the double-pipe, ||) and state it this way:

if [ <a question> ] || [ <the same question> ]

But social reasoning and compassion prevailed so I answered them.

  • True
  • False
  • False
  • True…