Raccoon From Hell

Seen several places in the last few days, most recently at Pissed’s place, comes this entertaining tale about a man, a rifle, a flashlight, and a raccoon. Click through to Pissed’s then again to read.

By the way, after the earlier post about the lion issue, this is another reminder to use something capable of more than one shot without that laborious reload.

Throttle, Brake, Turn, Throttle, Brake, Turn…

Pissed posts this. It’s a speed run up Mt. Washington. I’ll admit, that’s impressive. I wouldn’t do it.

Here in Colorado, while we have lots of mountains and we have the highest paved road in North America: Mt. Evans. I run up that one a few times per year. Except we can’t race on it.

We can, however, race up Pikes Peak, which is just a few hours South of Mt. Evans — the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb.

So, here are a few runs up that bad boy:

The time record up the hill:

Here’s one on an electric motorcycle — just not the same without the rumble of a gas engine: