Raccoon From Hell

Seen several places in the last few days, most recently at Pissed’s place, comes this entertaining tale about a man, a rifle, a flashlight, and a raccoon. Click through to Pissed’s then again to read.

By the way, after the earlier post about the lion issue, this is another reminder to use something capable of more than one shot without that laborious reload.

Gun Technique

I’m skimming shooting videos on YouTube and I’m seeing a somewhat peculiar trend. I mean, other than the astoundingly dangerous stuff like fingers on triggers, no muzzle control, etc.

Why do so many people pick up a firearm — pistol, rifle, shotgun, whatever — and lean away from it?
You’ve all seen it so frequently that I believe many people think it’s perfectly normal.
Is it because the firearm is too heavy to heft onto target?
Are you afraid of the recoil, so you figure leaning backward will help you absorb it?
Grab onto the damned thing, get it on target, and lean into it while pressing the trigger.
If it’s a rifle or shotgun, then mount it. Get a firm grip, get the butt into the pit of your shoulder and pull it in tight. You are not working for the gun, it’s working for you. Control it.
Another somewhat concerning thing is the lack of appropriate shooting attire while shooting anything other than a revolver.
Ladies: That cute little top that makes you look so adorable with your cute little cleavage out there? Seriously — don’t do that. You will eventually get hot brass down your shirt — and hot brass will cause at least second-degree burns pretty much instantly.
Guys: Similar thing here. If you’re wearing anything with a loose or unbuttoned collar, either tighten it up, button it up, or untuck it so anything that drops in there will fall out the bottom.
Okay, rant done. Going to range. Back later.