Odd Inspiration

I see things like Little Yellow Door — a college student built her own tiny Tumbleweed house on wheels — and get a flash of motivation and a bit of inspiration.

I love tiny houses. Completely impractical for my whole family. But it doesn’t change the fact that I want to build one… or several of those. Those things are brilliant!

Now, for an excuse:

– I need a suitable home office that’s quiet, above ground level, and organized. Oh, yes. A tiny house would do quite nicely for that, thankyouverymuch.

– How about a “reloading shop” on wheels? Something that would also be suitable to take out to shooting events where the kids, for now, are far too small to join?

[Ed: – Or maybe a ham-shack complete with a small crank-up antenna mast?]

– I’ll probably never retire, and I can’t afford to pay for college for any of my kids. But maybe by the time they each turn 18, I could gift them with their own tiny house! “Happy birthday; I love you so much that I built you your first home!”

And perhaps the best excuse of all to build one, or two, or three: because I want to.