Quick Range Trip

Doug asked if I’d like to meet him and his boys at the range this evening…as if I’d say no. Wound up doing a few rounds from the AR (and quite pleased with its 100yd performance) and through the 1911 (and feeling very much better about it, too).

But he also wanted me to grab a few shots of his oldest with some of the older rifles. I said that was a good idea, but didn’t bring along my good camera and strobes.

“You can’t use your phone?” he asked.

“You can’t use yours?” I replied.

Instead, I grabbed a couple iPhone photos after an obsessive amount of checking magazines and chambers before getting in front of the business ends of the 91/30 and that little 22 Stevens.

Afterward, I had a few ideas for better photos–but I’ll need to take the D40, a pair of strobes and stands, an umbrella, and a couple CTO filters on the next range trip.