A Few Remarks On the End of the World

It isn’t going to happen.

A few more words: really, chill the hell out.

Me? I’m going to work on Friday because it’s just another day.

Then I’m going to get up on Saturday and take Boy Wonder out to throw some lead when he gets off work in the morning and maybe we’ll try out my new muzzleloader.

Then we’ll come home and I’ll spend a bit of time on some chores around the house and maybe getting caught up on some work projects.

I’m not worried about TEOTWAWKI because I’m not out of my mind and I have responsibilities right here in reality.

That said, I do expect that there will be weirdos out there doing crazy stuff. But I’m certainly not worried about it.

Hey, does everybody remember these fruitloops?


If that’s the case, then you’d better get to it — there’s a lot of people out there speculating wildly and making accusations about the case.

Oh, and don’t forget all of the producers for the mainstream media outlets — probably best to start with them.

Can’t embed that particular clip so you’ll have to click through to see it.

Cutting & Running…

I understand that the NRA is, so far, completely silent. I don’t blame them. The anti-rights crowd will twist anything that the NRA says, so it’s pointless to make any remarks. [Update: I stand corrected. Source.]

The anti-rights crowd is even going as far as threatening the lives of law-abiding citizens. Way to stay classy.

And, not that I watch anything on television of any consequence anymore, but I hear that some of the networks are cutting and running and trying to distance themselves from anything involving firearms.

In a statement that I happened to hear on the radio on the way to work, the producer said something to the effect of, “This decision has nothing to do with Friday’s events, as we’ve been planning this for awhile. The show will be canceled immediately and there will be no reruns and no video sales.”


It’s not just television.

No doubt, everyone has heard that a (rather mediocre, in my opinion) sporting goods store is trying to distance itself from firearms that have a certain appearance for fear that people might see them associating with, I dunno, black rifles.

I’ll buy all my sporting/outdoor stuff elsewhere now, thanks.

And I just heard that an online retailer (worth less than dirt? interesting) has suspended all online sales of firearms. Never mind the fact that there’s nothing wrong with that as they still need to be transferred via FFL in the recipient’s state of residence anyway.

Who’s going to cut and run next?