Peering Into the Darkness

This isn’t really news to most of us, but, the facts are that putting up signs disarming the citizenry creates a kill zone for predators.

Unless the whole point of ensuring the victims are disarmed is to “break a few eggs” to further whichever marxism/socialism/communism view.

Now, that is a seriously disturbing prospect. Did they work over the decades to create a nice large pool of victims, wait for bad things to happen, then swoop in and further its agenda to disarm a society?

That’s not my -ism. The only -isms that I am interested in are Libertarianism and Leavmethehellaloneism.

For those of us who don’t have our heads buried in the sand know what happens when a society is disarmed. We need only ask the Jews under National Socialism; or the Ukrainians under Stalin; any resident of the Vendée in 1793… the list goes on and on and much further back than I have the time to cite presently. And I would wager that in every case, those people murdered had their rights to defense stripped from them under some “legal” authority.

The claims that “it can’t (or won’t) happen here!” or that “our troops would never do that!” are baseless.

It will happen here and those troops — service members and police forces — will just “follow orders” if the citizenry is tricked into disarming itself of necessary tools to defend itself against the evils of the world.