The Lady Ann

January last year, my step mother was diagnosed with lung cancer. My father immediately selected a name for his newest woodworking project in her honor…and assigned himself the task of having it in the water before the inevitable.

The Lady Ann sat, waiting for her master’s hand to finish her sails and rigging–while mother Ann takes her Master’s hand late Friday in the presence of her husband and sons.

More of a mother to us both over the years than we ever deserved.

Goodbye, mother.

Though late, The Lady Ann will find the sea.

*I originally put Thursday here. With everything going on, I’d completely lost track of the days. Today (Monday, as I update this) we’ve had to address a number of the more painful arrangements: funeral, obituary, and later today, we’ll need to select her plot in the cemetery. I even suggested to my dad that we assume some preplanning for him and choose a pair of plots in the cemetery that they both liked… and he finally agreed.