"Buy a Shotgun…"

Yes, the advice from the VP about using a shotgun for home defense — given his description — is likely to land you in prison. Count the felonies.

If somebody is on your property, the legality (and morality) of escalating to lethal force to stop them is questionable. Trespassing is typically a misdemeanor. Yes, in states where castle doctrine is in force, the mere presence of a person uninvited in your home is justification for lethal force. But they have to be in your home — Old Joe is telling you to escalate to lethal force for just trespassing. In much of the nation, lethal force is not justified for trespassing.


Warning shots? You mean like in Hollywood movies and television shows? In the real world, warning shots have a legal definition: felony menacing.


Shooting into the air: If it’s bird shot or target loads, that’s one thing — the shot will slow to a harmless velocity within about a hundred yards or so. But buckshot or slugs will be far more dangerous for a much greater distance — it has to land somewhere. Negligence will cost you in a civil case and, depending on factors, may also land you where? Yup, in prison.

Also, if you have a side by side and you’ve just fired both shots into the air, you’ll need to reload. Quickly.

Oh, and then there’s the whole “easier to use than an AR” thing. Feast your eyes:


And, finally, a remark about the video itself. All of those people who put shotguns into the hands of those women without giving them some proper instruction: you’re all assholes. You have a responsibility to make sure that when you put a firearm in somebody’s hands, you provide them suitable instruction to mount it, aim it, control it, and use it safely and appropriately.