Narrowing the Choices

We’ve been rather undecided about either a fifth wheel or a travel trailer for several months.

Long-term full-timers tend to swear by a FW. “You’ll want one later!”

Maybe. Maybe not. For now, we’re going the TT route. Our primary reasoning is that we wish to maintain some mobile, weather-resistant cargo space in the truck without removing a hitch. Secondarily, it’s a coach-size issue: I’d rather not push UPGRAYEDD to its manufacturer’s towing limits.

Our short list is now narrowed to four (but really just two) travel trailers:

  1. Open Range, Mesa Ridge 310BHS or Roamer 310BHS
  2. Forest River, Salem Hemisphere 300BH or Heritage Glen 300BH

Besides, we’re looking for the next RV, not the only RV. If we were looking at the only one that we’d ever own then it would imply that money were no object — in which case my preference would be for one that doesn’t have wheels, but instead a 60 to 65-foot long, ocean-going hull.

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