Dug out my sewing machine since we were stationary for the month.Out with the blah and boring and in with the new and fun curtains. Found the fabric in Washington state last November. Thankfully the quilt shop still had more when I realized I wanted to do a few more windows with it.

Excuse the mess and the lazy kids. It had been raining so couch potato weather.

On Doors


These words of wisdom come from my father, written under one of his many bizarre pseudonyms. Elegant burl nib holder and gold ink in the ’M’ come from @papier_plume, whom you should pay a visit if you’re ever in the Big Easy. #calligraphy #typography #type #blackletter #gothiccalligraphy #fraktur #lettering #handlettering #wisdom #motivation #calligritype #scribe #gilding #nola

Moving House

After Disney we moved to Wekiva Falls RV resort in Sorrento Florida so we could still see more stuff in the Orlando area.

Having the big spring to play in everyday, the other fulltime kids in the park to frolic with and enjoying mostly beautiful weather in March.

I would have been happier without all the no-see-ums, chiggers and fire ants.