Cliff Dwellings

August 13, 2016. Birthday number 4 on the road., mine. We drove into Colorado Springs then up to Manitou Springs to see the cliff dwellings. 18 years living here and not once visiting till now. So many things have been overlooked. We will try to do a few more before we leave again.

Myrtle isn’t so thrilled with having her photo taken. Odin found a quiet spot. Both enjoyed the sensation of grinding the corn.

8th Birthday

Birthday number 3 on the road. Myrtle turned 8 last Friday. We are staying on Amy’s property in Colorado. We have yet to miss sharing a birthday. This reminds me that I have yet to get a photo of the 3 of us girls this year.

I wrote a long note in 2009 on Facebook about who Amy is and how we got to here. She has been many things to us, to me. 18 year long friendship, past business partner, family, traditional surrogate mother to my daughter.

After 10+ years of failure in my attempts at becoming a mother she stepped in to make that happen. Her sacrifice helped make way for my body to work only once in creating and carrying to term my second gift, Odin.

What does this have to do with our RV journey? The fact that we have as much flexibility in our lives to park for 3 weeks in their driveway, spent quality time without interfering with normal life for anyone. We can choose where we want to be, when we want to be there.

22LR, Soda Can

While plinking with a BB gun, our daughter (8) asks what my varmint rifle (a Ruger 10/22) would do to soda can. We show her.

Then our youngest (7) says, “Let’s shoot a full one!”

You got it – in HD and slow motion.

The laugh afterward is awesome.

The technical stuff: a basic Ruger 10/22 with no mods; CCI Stingers (22LR), at about 30yd.

Evening Hobby

TWO things you can’t do in campgrounds. #drivewaysurfing #rvlife #laundryday #bbguntargetpractice #colorado #friendsarefamily #kilt #utilikilts

EDIT: Can’t see the target at all in this shot, but I was plinking at a soda can about 80yd away up in the treeline with my daughter’s Daisy Red Ryder.