More First-World Problems

No, I will not take a few moments to fill out a survey… on nearly every bloody website I go to.

I know you’re looking to capture metrics on the customer’s experience on your site. I get it. But when it seems every single site is hijacked by another Foresee survey asking me to share my experience, it seems they’re all missing the biggest question: “what can we do differently?”

Stop derailing the visitor’s session with requests to fill out surveys and start using some log analytics to capture customer experience data.

VW Engineers in IT?

Hey, T-Mobile, it’s amazingly unlikely that anyone could actually get and LTE session with an RSSI of -118 dBm. So amazingly unlikely that it’s bordering the realm of impossibility.

This kind of optimistic reporting of band connectivity didn’t start until a recent carrier update was automatically applied to my iPhone a few weeks ago. Ever since, the phone has never shown anything except “LTE” in every situation I’d have expected it to have been no better than 4G, 3G, or even down to Edge network.

Something fishy going on at T-Mobile.

The problem with data plans…

The problem with data plans is that the customer is the one paying for the advertising.

Think about how many of those asinine movie-ads auto-play on assorted web pages.

Or how many of those click-bait articles lead you to page after page after page of ads with an obscure Next button that shows you nothing but a sentence at a time worth of content.

You’re paying for that.