Here Lies…

Stuart – my Parrot Bebop drone.

Took Stuart out yesterday morning for a quick flight over the Umatilla Marina RV Park on a beautiful, sunny, windless Wednesday morning.

About two minutes after liftoff, Stuart, for reasons not at all clear, thought he was suddenly tilted over about 20 or 30 degrees. So he kept trying to right himself by flying the opposite direction. Except he wasn’t really tilted. Unfortunately, I had limited Stuart’s tilt to 12 degrees just before liftoff, so no matter the control inputs, Stuart kept accelerating opposite every input.

Return Home: No effect. Emergency button? No effect.

Somewhere, halfway between Oregon and Washington, Stuart crashed into the Columbia River.

So, if anyone finds a yellow Parrot Bebop drone in a fishing net or floating somewhere down the Columbia River (FAA sUAS registration onboard), hey, let me know. I’d like to send Stuart back to Parrot so maybe we could understand why he lost his mind and decided to drown himself.

Time to Upgrade?


This was just fired across the bow at work:

“Heads up – I tossed your name out there as someone who might be a “qualified” candidate to help with this”

Followed by the request:

Here’s the specific problem re the Sun box in DN1

We can’t connect the network management port; it needs a 10Mb/s connection – the switches don’t support it. Therefore we need someone in DN1 on a laptop connected to the serial port for any work, until the server gets on the network.

I find myself lacking the words to effectively respond to them.


The SurgeGuard defends against dangerous under- and over-voltage. This is a good thing: electrical fires caused by bad power in an RV are pretty scary. It also protects against a few other types of problems plaguing RV parks and campgrounds: miswired, missing grounds, reverse polarity on single-leg applications…

So this week, our SurgeGuard has steadfastly refused to switch power on when the pedestal voltage is over 129v on either leg. Overnight the voltage here reaches 133VAC. Legs are out of phase–and drifting! And the park hosts say, “yeah, we know–we just tell people not to use their SurgeGuards.”

Do you really now?

Couple things:

– ours is hard-wired, and
– no