Speaking Of…

On the topic of TBI, Daisy has informed me that a neighboring child was hit by a car some time ago… nine or ten months ago? When I find out the child’s name, I should make the time to drop by and spend some time with him and his parents.


The indicators of increased probability are—aside from immediate severity of course—are:

Between 3 and 60 years old: less than two, older than 60, and odds decrease. I’m a bit on the older side — but 45 is a good place to be.

Duration – shorter is, of course, better. Ideally, “Oh, I’m fine, just a bump on the head” is what you’d want to hear. And that’s better than having somebody out for an hour, and that’s better than being out for a day, which is better than being out for ten, or a month or two…and at six months — well, it’s time to seriously consider your options.

Health. It’s possible that two people with identical health will have drastically different responses to the world. The physical condition of the patient has absolutely no bearing on the impact, severity, or prognosis.


This is where you want to be. Vision’s clear? No ringing in your ears? Got your memories and coordination? Good! Minor TBI, and you’ll probably be back to work in a few days!

Blurry or double-vision? Ringing? Coordination issues? All three—then some (fatige, sensitivity to motion, inability to focus, headaches!)—Major TBI—and odds are good that you’ll be resuming all of your Olde Ways in six months. Not running marathons, mind, but light duty: six months’ time.

Yep, really.

All the while, you’ll thank the Gods for letting you live, and curse them for the same reason.

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