Modern Problems

So, I’m one of those people with a few credit cards: debit and credit accounts, personal and joint, plus business. Actually, eight of them. I only use two of them regularly…because eight is too much liability to walk around with.

The ones I use, I call “Personal” for regular use and “Business” for obvious reasons.

I also embrace modern technologies and use an iPhone and Apple Watch on which I’ve synchronized those cards with the Wallet app – plus Apple Pay. So that’s three accounts that are at my fingertips for easy use when they’re needed, without putting others at risk unless I intentionally take them out of the desk when needed.

Anyway, I’m shopping online the other day and notice that the proprietor has also added the option to use Apple Pay, so I click through.

After a bit of confusion about the shipping address and email address – they’re correct; still entirely unchanged, in fact, and I only clicked on Save – things processed just fine.

It wasn’t until a few hours later that I received an alert from one of my corporate card saying a purchase was approved. Hmm… I haven’t been on a trip recently… and that was meant to be on my personal card.

What’d I miss?

Turns out that with my state of somewhat unstable manual dexterity, I must’ve swiped on my Apple Watch, and switched to a different payment card.

Perhaps there will be an accessibility option for iOS/Watch/touch devices where we can tune the sensitivity of things like touch/drag/tap to accommodate those whose finger usage isn’t quite perfect.

Maybe some periodic validation of information with computer users when things don’t look quite right. We also need to find out why Apple Pay thinks “United States” doesn’t equal “United States”.

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