Touch to send…

An assortment of parts that is almost, but not quite, entirely unlike a key.


Not nearly as complex as the two transceivers and oscilloscope that I’ve recently assembled.


I suppose with the dexterity issue I currently have, it replicates closely enough an iambic paddle. I’d like a real paddle — but I have absolutely no interest in dropping the going rate for one.

I should also see about locating some hundred-plus year old tech and some robust wire to hook up keys. Hmm… or maybe there’s even a simplistic wireless tool that I can use to bridge the gap between devices. Yep, there’s something of a conflict in pondering the use of modern Bluetooth technology to interconnect tools, to then send nearly 200-year old signal (Morse Code) over a 125-year old (Radio) medium.

I am a bit of an anachronism.