The current process to “undo” on an iPhone is awkward enough. You’ll look like an impatient loon getting frustrated with a phone call when you want to undo whatever the last action was.

It’s even more maddening on the iPad.

Mistakenly delete something? Welp, grab your grippy-gloves, readjust your grip, and shake it like an electronic Etch-A-Sketch, because you’ll not be getting it back unless you begin flailing the rather expensive iPad around.

And you can forget it if you are unlucky enough to no longer have the dexterity to coordinate the rhythmic shake-shake-shake to bring it back.

Or resign yourself to redoing whatever thing it was.

Shake to undo was useful for awhile. But doesn’t seem so anymore.

Please, Apple, can we please make “undo” something a bit more accessible?