This Is An Alert…

Please god—you do not need to send alerts for absolutely every automatic process. And, no, “just in case” is even more meaningless.

Alerts are an interruption for someone. It’s a mechanism to tell someone that something has occured that the automation doesn’t know how to handle. This has happened, here’s why and what you need to do.

I can’t count the number of times that I’ve seen alerts going out to interrupt everyone to let them know that automation has done the automatic things that it was normally expected to do.

Image 5-1-19 at 10.12
In 24h, this channel was notifying the SRE team of — automation doing its job. 1,781 times.

It’s exactly like sending…


…a notification for every…


…heartbeat. I only want to know…


…if it’s not doing what it’s…


…implemented to handle…


…automatically. Then I’ll worry about it.

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