Same Project, Different Project

In fact, it’s something along the lines that I’ve already done.

IG2OH2hDQuO1kNhgjCVWowPreviously, it was the 20m QCX. Now it’s the 40m QCX kit:


I’ll be excluding the protective Schottky diode from the power input because of 1) the energy cost and 2) there’s little risk of reversing polarity. Why? Because I’ll instead use Anderson Powerpoles to greatly reduce the risk of inverting voltage. While I don’t like to claim anything is impossible, once configured, they’re rather idiot-proof.

While I’ve only just started on this, and have already completed its 20m equivalent, I feel that I crave a greater degree of complexity.

I should also see about perhaps an UltimateS3 or a Megaprocessor (more) or maybe something somewhere between the two.


Because I can.

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