Hitting Rock Bottom?

Go have watch, and listen, and resonate:

…or a Shattered Assumption of the kind that blindsides you at 4PM… on a Friday… right before a holiday weekend… with family arriving to lazily and quite happily spend the week with you… while at the same moment, ambulances rush to take your broken body and very shattered life to a trauma center where dozens or hundreds of people work hard to save you. And you don’t have that realization until that groggy, amnesic period after awakening from the prolonged coma.

Oh… wait… sorry.

You know, a few years before that happened, I’d come to the conclusion that the best way to grow would be to step outside of your comfort-zone. Far beyond your comfort zone.

Detach yourself from any of the comforts one might enjoy in their daily life: restaurants, work, your home, people you know — even the city or nation that you know.

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