Clean As You Go…

In IT, sometimes, you should clean out the fridge, so to speak. For example, delete old accounts. Delete old rules. Delete old processes.

I was cleaning out my own email rules just the other day, and this one came up, which was from another account’s auto-responder. It has been dutifully sending out responses to every request that hits its mailbox… for about three years:

Time to clean things up a bit.

We don’t need no stinking maps!

It’s comforting to have a figurative road map to guide your way in life.

Perhaps it outlines certain things you must do. Maybe a list of things that indicate success and clearly guide the way to the next step. Achievements to be made. By when.

But do you want to grow?

To really grow?

Step outside of your comfort zone. Well-outside of it. Leave nothing behind to which you can cling assuring you of a safe place to return.

It’s entirely possible that you’ll find that you’ve stepped so far beyond your own comfort zone that no map or process in the world can guide you.

And that’s good. Excellent, actually.

You’ll be defining your own processes and maps to let other people find their way to you.

With certainty, this isn’t for everyone.

But for some, it’s necessary. It’s critical to their growth. And when those few grow, it will help society and culture to find their way.