Well, that’s annoying…

Started painting the interior doors.

Improvised a spray station in the workshop — protect the floor and walls from overspray. The first four doors needed to be sanded as well.

Reminder: primer isn’t paint. The primer that’s applied when doors are manufactured will still need to be painted. It’s just primer — it does nothing to stop dirt, wear, use.

This, though, should do nicely. We had it tinted of course because ultra pure white is whiter than you think.

So, after the first coat of paint on the doors…

I spied something red probably soaking through the paint. I guess I’ll have to sand that down and use a more thorough chemical to remove it — denatured alcohol is the next thing to try. Easy enough.


Okay, I can deal with that — but I’ll need to let it dry so I can sand it off.


Alright, that’s annoying. Wait for them to dry, then start sanding.

Perhaps I’ll try a smaller tip, slightly lower pressure, and a bit more speed.

Or switch to an HVLP so I can dial the delivery way back.

Or rig up a door spray-stand and shoot them flat, one at a time. I’m sure it would yield passable results, but it would be insanely time consuming. Two days per door x 19 doors… maybe we’ll just try an HVLP instead.

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