Next Batch Started

Doors #5 – #8 painting started.

Yes, those two on the right are indeed black. They look grey, but they’re definitely black. The paint was definitely brushed as well. And they have mis-aligned brush-marks as well. And that was over a pale lime-green. I mean, kudos to whomever brushed them. But never brush a door. Ever.

I’ve enough material to add an even coat — maybe one more — but will need to obtain another gallon to finish them properly and the other eight doors yet to be painted.

Random Tech

Apropos to, well, nothing.

There’s a more effective regex you could use.

c=abcdefg; egrep -i “^[$c]{2,${#c}}$” dictionarylist

Another random bit of randomness, while I hammered out that example var, the only thing I could think of was that maddening commercial from the 1970s for Hooked on Phonics. How did they start off? Weren’t they some over-energetic woman doing a voice-over at the beginning of the commercial starting with the borderline, somewhat musical, “Learn to read!”

Great campaign, really. Memorable.

But wouldn’t it seem strange that your telephone number still said “One Eight-hundred A-B-C-D-E-F-G!” — so, you have to understand letters and reading well-enough to, you know, learn to read?

Yep, Hukt On Fonix werkt fer me!

Install Flash Player?

Uh, no.

Especially won’t do it because you’ve said it not once, not twice, not three times… but four effing times. And, there’s a clear flaw on what would have been a simplistic page itself.

So, no. I won’t be installing it.

And I’m quite pleased with the fact that the now default security policy is to not just run anything from anywhere.


Not perfect, but given the several realities in texture/paint/light/examination — I’m pleased with the results.

That fifth door on the far right is going to be a different color, because I can. It was damaged by the previous occupants. Rather than dispose of it straight away, I’ll keep it around to temporarily provide a front door while I remove and refinish the entry door. I suppose that means that I really have 20 doors to finish, not 19

Still need to replace the door-guide that was broken long ago. And, of course, baseboard will need to be acquired/lacquered/fitted.

But as far as doors go: only 15… er… 16 more to go.