Thou Shalt Want

I assembled a CNC frame and sled in April of last year (2018). It’s the least expensive tool to cut anything out of 4’x8′ sheets of any millable wood: plywood, MDF, masonite. Any sheet-goods, really.

Before I built the Maslow, I heard about the Shaper Origin CNC, but I dismissed it as simply too expensive for my needs. The Maslow was certainly more agreeable than cost of the Shaper. And it was far better use of space than a large frame CNC. And it was big enough to readily handle full 4’x8′ sheet goods. Anything large enough to handle those full sheets of plywood would require perhaps 5’x9′. Actually more because you need to get round it — 8’x12′ maybe? 11’x16′?. And with a would have a price nearer to $25,000.

The Maslow was $350 or $400.

Floor-space? Far more agreeable at 3’x10′.

And easy enough to cobble together without any skill more than rough-cutting a few bits of lumber, and drilling a few very rough holes. The machine then can build itself.

So, Maslow CNC was ideal.

But having a critical think about the use of space in my existing four-car garage, I definitely won’t have it forever.

It’s time to downsize to maximize my own use of space.

And, so, with the experiences and skills that I’ve gained, and having another look at the Shaper Origin, the only conclusion I can reach is…

I want one.

I’ll be seeing about adding a Shaper Origin to my growing stack of tools.

More info here.

The Maslow CNC? I still have it. And I need to replace one of its drive motors. I’ll need to see about passing it along to another Maker who’s beginning their own journey.